Which programming language will you learn? Top ten programming languages


GitHub is a hangout for software developers. However, the language of conversation is a bit strange. Because, here they run the discussion in the language of programming. About 40 million developers at GitHub coordinate their projects. Who knows better than the GitHub authorities which programming language is more popular among software developers today, in which programming language they are writing code? They publish a list of the 10 most popular programming languages each year in a report entitled The State of the Octavors. This year’s report was released last week. Like last year, JavaScript is in the first place, but Python is in the second place.

  1. JavaScript: Important elements of website creation. It is also useful in making games. Although there is a similarity in name, there is very little similarity in work with Java.
  2. Python: Lately, artificial intelligence is being used more in apps and data science. Easy to learn. There is a large community.
  3. Java: Twitter and Netflix are made in Java. Mobile and web apps, games, database-based software is more useful.
  4. PHP: Especially used to create websites. The advantage of working with databases. Facebook-Yahoo made in PHP.
  5. C Sharp: also made Microsoft. Matches with Java. It is useful to create mobile apps, games and enterprise software.
  6. C ++ is made from C programming language in 1979 by Bearne Strausstroupe. Used to create operating systems, browsers and games.
  7. Typescript: Creator Microsoft. Similar to JavaScript. Pretty strong. Used to create large software. Open source.
  8. SheLL: Quite popular with the IT department of the organization. Because, they use the operating system to give instructions from a distance.
  9. C: Common language of programming. Created in 1962 by Dennis Ritchie. Many popular programming languages originate from C.
  10. Ruby: Yukihiro Matsumoto created in 1995 with the best parts of the programming language of choice. It takes more time to create a website.


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