Why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful dove”?


The title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful Dove”. The story is written about a truthful dove. The story tells that the two friends a Dove and a Bat were two friends. We set for an adventure. They flew miles. In the evening they reach a big jangle. It was a stormy night. They started to look for a shelter. At last, they found a shelter in an old grumpy owl’s nest.

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Owl shared his food with much reluctance. The Bat started to flatter the ower by praising falsely to get more food. On the contrary, the Dove thanked the owl for his kindness. As a result, the dove had to face humiliation.

In our society, there are some people who are like the Bat. They take the path of materialistic benefit. On the other hand, we have truthful persons in our society as well. The story, tells about the truthful dove to inspire us to be truthful in our practical life. So, I think the title is relevant to the story.



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