Your Favourite Game

There are many kinds of game in our country. Of all games, I like football most. It was first played in England. Now it is played in all countries of the world.

Football is my favourite game because it has some advantages. It is not as costly as cricket. It gives us much pleasure. It is an exciting game. It thrills both the players and the spectators.

Football is an outdoor game. It requires a big field. It is 120 yards long and 80 yards wide. There are two goalposts at each end. The game is played between two teams. Each team has eleven players. Of them, one is a goalkeeper, two full-backs, three half-backs and five forwards. There is a referee to conduct the game.

At the beginning of the ball is placed at the centre on the field. The referee whistles and the game begin. Then each team tricks to pass the ball through the opposite goal post. But they cannot touch the ball with hands. Only the goalkeeper can touch and catch it. There is an interval of 10 minutes. The sides are changed after the interval. The team which scores more goals wins the game.

The game of football teaches us obedience to rules. It also teaches discipline, co-operation and leadership. It improves the health of a player and makes him prompt, careful strong and hardy.

Though the game of football has some risks of being injured, it is liked by all.