Technology Dependent World – Assignment



Information and communication technology is inextricably linked with modern life. From ancient civilizations to modern-day civilizations, we can see an unprecedented change. Information and communication technology has brought about this groundbreaking change. The level of society that has not yet been touched by science has not yet been touched by the touch of progress. Therefore, it can be said that information and communication technology is at the core of the development of civilization. Peter Theil says: “Technology just means information technology.”

Areas of use of information and communication technology in personal life

The wonderful advances in information technology that have been made in recent times are the contribution of technology science. There are no people in the world who have not used technology in any way. Information and communication technology is being used in the big works of the state starting from the common people. We use technology in every moment, from going to sleep to waking up. Areas of use of information and communication technology in personal life are:
A) Personal communication
B) Entertainment
C) GPS (Global Positioning System)
D) Listening to music using a computer
E) Reading books using e-books
F) Connect using a computer network

G) The results of the test can be known sitting at home through mobile-phone.
H) Money can be sent and received using a mobile phone.
I) Using online and the internet, job applications can be done sitting at home, and exam admission forms can be printed online.
J) Train and plane tickets can be purchased through the online ticketing system without going out of the house or to the station.
K) You can order the required products and pay the bills sitting at home on the internet.

The importance of using information and communication technology in personal life

With the advent of computer-based Internet technology, the entire world has now become a huge database. As a result of the accumulation of new information, the amount of information is increasing rapidly. The importance of getting proper information is increasing a lot. Because, it is not possible for people to remember or get all the information on their own. This requires good communication.


In the evolution of time, human life and information and technology are closely intertwined. Information and communication contribute to every moment of daily life. This use of science in human life must be kept positive. People need to be enlightened. In order to free information and communication technology from all kinds of corruption, it is necessary to keep information away from all kinds of misuse, only then the proper development of human civilization is possible.

(Do not copy this assignment. This totally a sample. Please take an idea from this article and use your own creativity and individuality to prepare your own assignments.)

Instructions for Students For Preparing Assignments:

  1. The main objective is to achieve the learning outcomes of the students. This will help you to take the lesson of the next class. So, it is important to follow.
  2. Use the textbooks prepared by NCTB for the academic year 2020 to prepare assignments. There is no need for guide books, or notes bought from the market.
  3. The student’s individuality and creativity will be verified in the assessment. So if you submit an assignment by copying someone else’s writing, it will be canceled and you will have to submit that assignment again.
  4. Assignments should be written directly in your own hand. It will be useful to understand the subject as well as the practice of handwriting.
  5. When writing an assignment, you can use any type of white paper (preferably A4 size). However, name, class, roll, subject and title of the assignment should be clearly written on the cover page.



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