A dialogue about Load Shedding


Suppose you are Liza and your friend is Rubi. Both of you are suffering a lot from load shedding. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Rubi about Load Shedding in Bangladesh.

  • Liza: Hi! How are you?
  • Rubi: Fine and you?
  • Liza: Not fine. I am fed up with my life.
  • Rubi : Why? Anything wrong?
  • Liza : Everything is wrong. Load shedding often interrupts my studies.
  • Rubi : Right. Load-shedding tells upon almost all sectors of our life.
  • Liza: You will be surprised. Last night there was 3 hours long load shedding. I could not study for a single moment.
  • Rubi : During night it has become impossible to study.
  • Liza : Final exam is knocking at the door. What shall I do?
  • Rubi : What is the cause of load shedding, Liza?
  • Liza : Power shortage. Every government says that they are increasing power production. But everything is all the same.
  • Rubi : But someone should do something.
  • Liza : Who will do if the government takes no step?
  • Rubi : It is our national problem. There is no possibility of solving the problem soon.
  • Liza : But the government should keep eyes on students because final exam will start very soon.
  • Rubi : I am thinking of writing a letter in the newspaper.
  • Liza : That’s a good idea. Oh, Rubi I have to go now.
  • Rubi : Ok. See you later. Bye.
  • Liza : Bye


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