How To Learn English – Paragraph


We know English is a foreign language. So, it is difficult to learn English. We have to develop some language skills to learn English. These are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is a communicative method of learning English. To practice listening skills, we have to listen to English discussions and programs. Besides, we have to listen to the radio, T.V. programs and news in English. When we listen to the news in English, we should try to understand it. In the class, the students should speak English to one another. While we are alone, we can speak aloud to ourselves, we have to read our lessons regularly. We should also write them. We have to practice freehand writing on any topic. For this purpose, we have to learn words and their meanings. We should also learn the basic rules of grammar and sentence patterns. At the same time, we have to form the habit of using these in our practical life. If we practice in this way, we can be perfect in English.

Word Meanings: Foreign – বিদেশী; develop – উন্নতি করা; skill – দক্ষ; communicative – যােগাযােগমূলক; discussion – আলােচনা; understand – বুঝতে পারা; another – আরেকটি; while – যখন; aloud – সশব্দে; regularly – নিয়মিতভাবে; topic – বিষয়; purpose – উদ্দেশ্য; practical life – বাস্তব জীবন; perfect – নিখুঁত; in this way – এভাবে; difficult – কঠিন; listening – শ্রবণ; speaking – কথন; reading – পঠন; writing – লিখন; besides – তাছাড়া; try – চেষ্ট করা; meaning – অর্থ; freehand writing – মুক্তহস্তে লেখন;


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