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Person is a grammar item used to distinguish among (1) those who speaking, (2) those being addressed, and (3) those who are neither speaking nor being addressed. There are three types of persons.

  1. 1st Person
  2. 2nd Person
  3. 3rd Person

1st Person:

The person that denotes I, Me, My, We, Us, Our, is 1st person. 1st person includes a group that refers the speaker.

2nd Person:

Second person includes You and Yours.

3rd Person:

Third person includes he, she, it, they, Mahin, a cow, cows, the holy Quran, a tree, trees. (any names).

1st Person ‘s’ or ‘es’ never goes with the 1st person.

For instance: 1. I go to School 2. We go home. 3. I have done the work. 4. We are here.

NB: But the 1st person takes (to be) am, are, was, were, to have) have except ‘is’

2nd Person ‘s’ or ‘es’ never goes with the 2nd person.

NB: But the 2nd person takes (to be) are, were (to have) have except ‘am’‘is’ ‘was’

For instance: 1. You let me down. 2. Thou has enchanted my soul. 3. You are my intimate friend. 4. You were always there to inspire me.

3rd Person: ‘s’ or ‘es’ goes with the 3rd person. If the person is singular in number it must take ‘s’ or ‘es’. If the person is plural in number, it must not take ‘s’ or ‘es’.

NB: But the 3rd person encourages all auxiliary verbs (to be) is, are, was, were, (to have) have, has.

do+es=does, take+s=takes

For instance: 1. He is a teacher. 2. I am a singer. 3. She has let me down and 4. The holy Quran has enriched our Islamic culture.

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