Top 10 English Medium Schools in Dhaka


In recent times, parents are more conscious of their children’s education. It has been observed that parents, especially from the higher class, want to make their children study in English Medium School in Dhaka city. It is a kind of new trend in modern society in big cities like Dhaka. As a result, the number of students in English medium schools is increasing every year. In recent years, we can see the rise of many English medium schools in Dhaka city beside the existing renowned English medium schools in this megacity, Dhaka. As a result, parents are also looking for suitable schools for their children. Here I am going to tell you a list of well-known and the best English medium schools in Dhaka city in 2020. I hope this list will help you to get your desired information.

Top 10 English medium schools in Dhaka

Dhaka city is expanding its size every now and then. And, I have already told you that every year new schools are coming out with English version education. Besides, many well-known schools are opening their branches in different areas of Dhaka city. So it is not easy to tell you all the information about all schools in Dhaka city. I am trying to tell you the information about the top 10 English medium schools in Dhaka city. I have used online information to make this list. It is not my personal opinion. If you have any good experience or experience please let us know through our coming system so that other people can be benefited.

  1. Maple Leaf International School
  2. Scholastica
  3. Aga Khan School, Dhaka
  4. Willes Little Flower School & College
  5. Mastermind English Medium School
  6. Sunnydale School
  7. South Breeze School
  8. American International School Dhaka
  9. Sunbeam school Dhaka
  10. International School Dhaka
  11. International Turkish Hope School
  12. European Standard School
  13. South Breeze School

All these school are the best known English medium schools in Dhaka city. In this article, I have written detail information about these schools. Some parent want to send their wards to English Version Schools as well. We have a article on Top Ten English Version School in Dhaka. If you are looking for English version school in Uttara, Dhaka or English medium schools in Dhaka, Gulshan and Banani, Baridhara, then go to English Version School list.


  • Location: 95 Rd No. 11 A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
  • Phone no: +8801711192137
  • For more details visit their website:

This School started its journey in 1972. From the beginning of its journey it is one of the best known English Medium School in Dhaka City as well as Bangladesh. Like all English Medium schools, this school follows British Curriculum. They have science, business and humanities faculty.


Aga Khan School is located in Uttara, Sector-04. It has been established in 1988. It is one of the best English Medium schools in Uttara, Dhaka. It is named after Aga Khan University, Pakistan. Aga Khan University has partnership of this school. However, this school has three large academic building where your sons and daughters will get enough extra curricular activities with regular studies. Checkout Top ten college in Dhaka City

  • Administration building: Road 9, Sector 4,
    Uttara Model Town,
    Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.
  • Contact no: +88028950029, 8914042
  • 2nd /junior building: Road 6, Sector 4,
    Uttara Model Town,
    Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.
  • Contact no: +88028920481, 8920482
  • 3rd senior building: Road 6A, Sector 4,
    Uttara Model Town,
    Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.
    Contact no: +88028959722, +88027914538
  • For more details visit their website:


Scholastica is undoubtedly the best English Medium School in Dhaka city as well as in Bangladesh. If you disagree with me write in the comment section what is the reason. However, this school has been established in 1977. The founder of this school is Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed. This school promote great service for the students. They provide good English environment. Besides, they emphasis on Bangla as well. Scholastica has built a reputation as a pioneer in education in Bangladesh being one of the first local private schools to…

  • offer English-medium instruction
  • provide science labs for secondary school students
  • develop custom-built campuses with numerous facilities, including auditoriums, a swimming pool and numerous hard courts
  • forge international connections through sports and trips abroad
  • hire foreign experts to develop curriculum
  • provide mandatory, international-standard training for teachers and management
  • introduce sophisticated technology to manage data and information systems
  • launch an internship program
  • introduce multimedia technology in classrooms
  • introduce professional school counselor
  • Central Office: Telephone: 58815222-3, 9863398-9, 9840131-2, 9856019, 9856020, 58817095, 58817089
    Fax: 58813141
  • Senior Campus, Uttara: Head of Campus: Ms. Farah Sophia Ahmed, Principal, Telephone: 58956053, 58950488, 48952207, 48963663, 58951544, 58952753, Mobile: 01819252813, Fax: 58950443 Email addresses: or
  • Junior Campus, Uttara, Head of Campus: Ms. Shazia Yasmin, Senior Vice Principal, Telephone (Sector 3): 48956751, 48956752, 48956753, Mobile: 01841792333, Telephone (Sector 4): 58950101, 58954377, 48950056, Mobile: 01819252812, Telephone (Sector 7): 48951504, 48950114, 48956750, Mobile: 01817144673, Email addresses: or
  • Senior Campus, Mirpur
    Head of Campus: Ms. Nurun Nahar Mazumdar, Senior Vice Principal, Telephone: 41000101, 41000102, 41000103, 41000104, 41000105, 41000106, Mobile: 01819252815, Email addresses: or
  • Junior Campus, Dhanmondi
    Head of Campus: Ms. Rumana Karim, Senior Vice Principal Telephone: 8141122, 9120315, 9116457, Mobile: 01819-252807, Fax: 9116457, Email addresses: or
  • Junior Campus, Gulshan
    Head of Campus: Ms. Fardah Farhana Alam, Senior Vice Principal, Telephone: 9886111, 58817096, 58817097, Mobile: 01819413141, Email addresses: or

Willes Little Flower School & College

Willes Little Flower School is located in Kakrail, Dhaka. It is also a well known School in Dhaka city. At present this school has around 1500 students. It has both Bangla and English Medium.


    Administration building: 85, Kakrail, Dhaka, 1000
  • Official website:

Green Gems International School

This school is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. This is also well-know school in Dhaka, especially in Dhanmondi. They follow the syllabus of the University of London directly. Their address:

    Administration building: House: 33A, Road: 9A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka – 1209,
    Contact no: 9143882, 8121946
    Official website:

European Standard School Dhanmondi

This school is another great institution located in Dhanmondi. This school has been started in 2001 with the supervision of Nurul Islam Abdullah, Ranadev Dasgupta, Md. Morshedul Islam, and Zareen Alam. Alike all other school, they provide education in the British curriculum. Their education system follows Cambridge International Examinations. This schools has open their new branch in Mirpur, Dhaka.

Academic building: H # 66, R # 7A Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205
Official website:


Mastermind English medium school is located in Uttara, sector 14. This is school is one of the best Medium schools in Dhaka city. They have good reputation in different examination.

  • Location: House # 05, Road # 12 New, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh.
  • Contact no: 9130878
  • Official website:


ISD is one of the best schools in the Basundhara area. It has been established in 1988. It is located near Basundhara. Besides the “O “level and “A “level, they also provide the IB Programme (PYP) (MYP) (DP) in the English medium. They also provide or arrange scholarships to their students for gaining higher study in abroad.

  • Location: Plot: 80, Block: E, Basundhara, Dhaka – 1229, Bangladesh.
  • Contact no: (88 02) 8401101-7
  • Website:


It is also one of the best English medium schools in Dhaka city. They have branch in Chittagong. According to their brilliant result they are the best school in Chittagong. It is an international English medium school. It was established in 1966. Their education system follows the British curriculum to provide teaching to their students.

  • Location: Plot:7, Road:6, Sec:4 Uttara, Dhaka-1230
  • Contact no: +880.2.48956999, 48953722-3
  • Website:


This school is located near the Dhanmondi area. Recently it has opened a new branch in Uttara, Dhaka. This school has started his journey at 1986. It is the first school which is introduced to others with the modern mathematics system in the English medium. From the very beginning, it keeps the name and fame of their institution.

  • Location: House # 23, Road # 10A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
  • Contact no: 55000367
  • Email:
  • Website:

Here I have mentioned some well known and reputed English medium schools in Dhaka city. These schools are in this list because of their results and great popularity. I hope you will be benefited by this article. Thank you very much for reading the whole article.


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