Your Favourite Poet


In the West Bengal, there is a district Called Burdwan. Kazi Nazrul Islam was born at Churulia, a village in Burdwan. He was born on Jaitha, 1306 B.S. His father’s name was Kazi Fakir Ahamed and that of his mother was Zahea Khatun. In his childhood, he was called “Dukhu Miah. He is my favourite’s poet.

Nazrul Islam was a student of the Muktab of his village. He was a brilliant student. But he was a naughty boy. He passed out of his Muktab when he was eleven years old. Then he served the Muktab as a teacher. At this time his father died and he joined an inerrant theatrical party. He wrote dramatic pieces and songs for the party. When he was reading in class ten, he joined the army and become a Havildar. From the army, headquarters he sent poems and short stories to the papers of Calcutta.

After the first Great War, he came back and began to live in Calcutta. He wrote a poem called ‘Bidrohi’ and this poem made him famous overnight. For this poem, he had to go to jail. He wrote many poems against the British rulers. For writing, poems were oppressed many times by them.

He was a versatile writer. For about twenty years he wrote poems, novels, short stories, dramas and song. He was the greatest composer of Bengal. Some of his famous books are ‘Agni Bina’ ‘Bisher Bashi’ ‘Chakrabak’ Sindu Hindol’ ‘Byather Dan’ Aleya etc. His entire poems are full of rebellious spirit. He stood against all sorts of oppression. He was a renowned journalist too.

Nazrul Islam is no more with us. He is greatly honoured as our national poet. Nazrul died in Dhaka on August 29, 1976. He will be remembered by the nation forever.


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